Is Acupuncture suitable for everyone?

Yes.  Acupuncture is used throughout the world to treat all ages, including babies and the elderly

What happens during a treatment ?

At the initial assessment, a detailed medical history including the history of the problem will be taken. The reason for the visit will be discussed and the Acupuncturist will examine the tongue and the pulse of the client, as this is one of the cornerstones of health assessment in Chinese Medicine.
During the Treatment very fine needles will be inserted into very specific points on the body, as determined by the Acupuncturist. All our needles are of the highest quality, sterile and single use, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene.

How do I prepare for a treatment?

Wear loose fitting clothes for comfort during acupuncture sessions. Make sure the clothing can be rolled up so that the practitioner can reach all of the necessary acupuncture points.
Prior to your session, eat a light meal or snack. You don’t want to be starving but you also do not want to be overly full. Avoid greasy, heavy foods that could upset your stomach.
Do not brush your tongue for at least 24 hours leading up to your appointment. This allows the acupuncturist to use the colour, texture and coating on your tongue as a diagnostic tool
Keep an open mind; positive energy speeds up any healing process.

Do I need to do anything after a treatment?

After your first session, take notes about how you felt during and after the session. Share these notes with your practitioner, so any necessary adjustments can be made.
It is fine to go to work, school or other activities following a treatment, but avoid overexerting yourself.
You may feel tired after a session, so take it easy, drink plenty of water, and keep yourself at a comfortable temperature.
Be realistic – there is no such thing as an instant cure. It may take several sessions before you feel relief.

Chinese Herbs:

Can anyone take herbs ?

Chinese Herbal Medicine has a long history of clinical effectiveness and because of this Chinese herbalism has become popular as a safe and effective treatment for several disorders in many countries around the world.
Chinese Herbs are usually suitable for everyone – the dose is simply reduced for children.
Best practice recommends taking Chinese Herbs two hours away from other medication, including western medication, as some Chinese Herbs are thought to interact with some medicines and spacing the administration of the Chinese herbs avoids this.

How long do I take them for ?

Your herbalist will advise on how long you should take the herbs for.

How do I take the herbs ?

Instructions for use will be given on an individual basis.

Where do the herbs come from ?

What herbs are used – all herbal remedies used are plant based and in keeping with the requirements of the EU Legislation.
All Herbal Decoctions are prescribed for the specific requirements of the individual and therefore should never be shared or passed on to someone else. Due to the nature of prescribing herbs repeat prescriptions are not normally appropriate without further consultation.


Is Reflexology suitable for everyone?

Anyone, regardless of age, can benefit from Reflexology. If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are receiving medical treatment, please inform your therapist.

What happens during a treatment?

Reflexology is a treatment for the whole body , usually performed through the feet.
You will be asked to remove shoes and socks, and to relax on a comfortable massage table. The Reflexology treatment will last 45-60 minutes. The first treatment will take a little longer, as a full medical history is taken, to ensure that there are no contraindications to the treatment.
It is advised not to eat a heavy meal prior to treatment, nor should you feel very hungry.
Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothes

Do I need to do anything after a treatment?

Reflexology is a Holistic treatment, which means it treats the whole person. Some people may feel a little tired after a treatment, others may feel energised. It is advisable to increase your water consumption after a treatment.

Physical Therapy

What to expect from a physical therapy session ?

Your therapist will conduct a full assessment including the history and cause of the problem, a postural evaluation, and various tests of the injured area.
Your should wear loose comfortable clothing, so that you can move fully – sometimes it may be necessary to undress the injured area : feel free to bring a pair of football shorts.
Physical Therapy is a hands on therapy and as such you may experience some minor discomfort after the session; this usually passes after a day or so – the advice is to drink plenty of water and avoid anything that aggravates the condition.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

What to expect from a session ?

MLD is a very gentle form of massage design to stimulate lymph drainage ; it is very comfortable and it is not unusual for a client to fall asleep during this treatment. At the initial session, a full medical history will be taken, including current medications. Your therapist will advise you on approximately how many sessions may be required.
If the treatment is required following cancer treatment, you will need a letter of referral from your Consultant.
If the treatment is required for the management and treatment of Lymphoedema, combined decongestive therapy (ie multi-layered bandaging) will be incorporated into the therapy.
The treatment provided at this clinic is the Dr Vodder method of manual lymphatic drainage and our therapists undergo a review of their training every other year.
The treatment provided at this clinic is in keeping with the standards outlined in the International Consensus on the Best Practice for the Management of Lymphoedema .

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